Affiliated Ministries


LSA Family Health Service, East Harlem, NY

LSA Family Health Service has been operating in El Barrio / East Harlem since 1958. But our roots go back to 1891, when the first Little Sisters of the Assumption arrived here from Paris to nurse the “sick poor” in their own homes with respect and dignity.

Today, as a nonprofit agency, we proudly honor our mission, roots and our founders’ choice to value and respect diversity and the differences between us – including race, gender, religion, income, lifestyle or nation of origin.

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Pernet Family Health Services, Worcester, MA

The Little Sisters of the Assumption came to Worcester in 1955 to work with families and their children. The essential Mission of the Sisters is to provide health care and support to the disadvantaged families and to revitalize the spirit of those degraded by poverty. In 1968, the Sisters incorporated under the title Pernet [per-nay’] Family Health Service, named after the order’s founder.

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Project Hope, Dorchester, MA

Project Hope was founded in 1981 when the Little Sisters of the Assumption opened the doors of their Magnolia Street convent so homeless women and children could live with them. Over the years, Project Hope’s mission expanded beyond sheltering families and providing childcare to a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families up and out of poverty. This is our journey through Project Hope’s history.

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Newburgh Ministry, Newburgh, NY

In 1983, five women religious – Sisters Monica McGloin of the Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor (now Dominican Sisters of Hope), Margaret Kilpatrick of the Newburgh Dominicans (now Dominican Sisters of Hope), Monica Galligan and Susanne Lachapelle of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, and Irene Freely of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace – decided to respond to the need they saw in the mean streets.  They came, not with programs or plans, but with a deep desire to listen to the needs of the people.  Newburgh Ministry was incorporated in 1988 and the work of Advocacy and Social Change continue.

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CREA, East Harlem, NY

CREA is a program by the community for the community that offers Basic Education (literacy, elementary, middle school, GED and ESL) to the Spanish speaking adult immigrants in the East Harlem community.  CREA has a partnership with the Mexican Consulate who offers the Educational Certificates.   This program was begun by two Mexican women of the neighborhood who responded to a need and began to offer classes.

CREA stands for Centro De Recursos Educativos para Adultos. The main purpose of the program is for the students to complete their basic education.

Little Sisters of the Assumption Family in Mission is pleased to be CREA's fiscal sponsor which enables them to apply for Grants and receive Tax-deductible donations.

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Arcoiris is a community-based cooperative thrift store providing East Harlem residents high-quality clothing and home-goods affordable to all. Run by coop members from the community, the Arcoiris staff is invested in the betterment of its neighborhood. In addition to providing a living wage for Coop members, thrift store activities generate and sustain supportive social networks for members and customers.

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