We are one family, bonded together and sent to change conditions that breed poverty, injustice, discrimination and marginalization.

We care for one another. Caring gives birth to covenant relationships ―empathy, friendship, tenderness, compassion, mercy, unconditional love and deep respect.

The power of growth is in relationship where in every encounter we are both giver and receiver. We value ‘power with’ vs ‘power over’

Belief in the capacity to rise beyond one’s struggles.

Our Spirituality leads to personal transformation and transformation of the world.

We live what we believe that we are sent to those who have neither voice nor influence in this world.

What’s Happening

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


God of all creation, Creator of the universe,

I thank you for breathing life into me,
my loved ones,
my brothers and sisters throughout the world,
and all that inhabits our earth.

I thank you for the winds that rustle the leaves,
the waves that caress the shores,
the sun that brings warmth and growth.

I am grateful for the sustenance you provide for my body, mind, and spirit,
for the fresh waters that rain down,
the earth that nurtures,
for those that harvest,
for teachers and preachers,
and those who create technology that keeps us connected.

I am grateful for all the gifts with which you fill my days:
the laughter of my family,
the greetings of friends and neighbors,
the warmth of hearth and home.

Yet, my heart is heavy too, Lord.

I miss loved ones around my table.

My heart hurts for others missing loved ones too
and for those who are alone,
for those who are ill,
those who have lost jobs,
those suffering injustice,
those rebuilding from storms,
those who have no home in which to place a table.

I am weary too. These days have been long.
I am tired of fear and of strife.
I miss hugs of greeting and farewell
and seeing lovely, unobscured smiles.
I miss community.
I miss closeness.

Yet, Lord, I know that I am not alone in these heartaches.

You dwell with us in our pain and brokenness.

You are here with us faithfully,
day in and day out,
breath in and breath out,
you are with us.

You are still loving us into existence
every moment of every day.

You remind me of this in the strangers
delivering meals with a smile,
caring for others at risk to their own lives,
and developing ways to protect millions.

You remind me too in
the giggle of the child outside my window,
the cry of the baby awaiting his mother,
the chatting of friends walking by,
the dogs barking to each other,
the song of the symphony on the hillside,
and the brass quintet in the street,
the smell of coffee in the morning,
savory meals on the grill,
caramel crisp leaves scuttling ’long the ground,
and smoky backyard fires, warm and aglow.

You are with us
all our days
all our nights
and all the moments in between.
You are with us.
Loving us.

And, for this, I thank you, my Lord and my God.

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Little Sisters of the Assumption Family in Mission is a non-profit organization inspired and established for the purpose of continuing the spirit and mission of the Little Sisters of the Assumption.

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Philipp Kappestein

When I read the mission statement of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, I found it expressed my own sentiments when it said, “We bring together the least advantaged and the privileged in a spirit of family to inspire everyone to participate in creating a just society.”


– Philipp Kappestein
Project Hope, Dorchester, MA
September ’02 – February ’04

Will and Franzi Koenig

It was great to be surrounded by people of great faith and who are so caring and giving. Our faith has grown and our prayer life has deepened.



– Will and Franzi Koenig
Project Hope, Dorchester, MA
January ’00 – April ’00

Lukas Oldenburg

I know that these 11 months have given me much more than two semesters at a university could ever have given me; I now feel much more ready to resume my studies.



– Lukas Oldenburg
Pernet Family Health Service, Worcester, MA
September ’99 – September ‘ 00

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