April 27, 2021 ~ Novena for Katie Hinkley

Please join us in a 9-day Novena to our founder, Fr. Stephen Pernet, a.a. to request his intercession for Katie Kinkley, a 27-year old young woman who needs prayers for healing!  Katie has Stage 4 Thymic Carcinoma.

A little of Katie's history:

Three years ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia and a cancerous tumor in her chest, fought through it for over a year, got into remission and had a bone marrow transplant in late 2019.  The Leukemia was gone and they thought they took care of the tumor.  The end of last year, she was having some medical exams and the cancerous tumor came back.  It spread to Katie's brain, but in January the doctors performed gamma knife surgery on her brain, which seemed successful.  However, the cancer spread to her liver and the tumor grew in her chest.  She is now on an experimental treatment, but it landed her in the Emergency Room recently; unknown whether the side effect is a result of the new treatment or the cancer.

We are so grateful for your prayerful presence and ask that you invite your prayer circles to join us in this novena.

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