Please share in our special feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, after whom the Little Sisters are named, for a Zoom Celebration – this Saturday August 14 which will begin promptly at 9am Eastern Daylight Time.  Sign on early to choose your language of interpretation – English, Spanish or French.  People from our missions all over the world will be present.

Click on the image to download the invitation zoom link and prayer service in your language.  It will be helpful to have it in front of you for the prayer together.










Our mission continues to be possible because of each individual who continues to carry it out today, each in their own way.  All who are involved belong to our large LSA International Family and are an important part of the Little Sisters of the Assumption Family in Mission.

Our Assumptionist founder, Fr. Stephen Pernet, often reminded us that we are one family:

“Gathered together from every corner of the universe … you form one single family; have therefore one sole heart and one same life…' (PERNET, Instructions, Vol. IX – August 8, 1878)

Thanks for being part of this family!  We hope to see you Saturday.

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